Saturday, January 21, 2017


It seems incredible that there are people who think that only they have the moral high ground and that their prejudices are OK and your differences with them are not OK.

One would have thought that only in this little minded country of ours that we have people like our previous topmost leader who had his prejudice into affirmative policies which neglects others. He now fears those from China as he previously also feared those from China. But this time he says that the old Chinese here should also fear the new Chinese, like he is now. It is a fact that once you have phobias, you will always have the phobias, no matter how you may wish to disguise them - unless you have a sudden dose of wisdom and enlightenment and wake up the reality of yourself.

What really dismayed me were the bad manners of the Obamas and the Clintons who think that only they are the decent people who have decent views - and those who differ from them in their public statements are indecent. I simply just cannot phantom why they could not give Trump and his wife the due courtesy as anyone would give to the President of the US and his wife - unless of course they have decided to disrespect the President of the US themselves. Even John Lennon who subsequently returned his OBE to the queen at least had the decency to behave properly in front of her.

Now we have pressure groups out in numbers to protest against Trump and the US Presidency. This is incredible. Where have the respect for the law gone to? I can see parallels of the situation in our country and I think it is not healthy. I rather bear the nonsense rather than to have chaos and violence done in the name of justice - for it depends on what justice and whose justice.

You are losing the game and you have decided to those the chess board. It was alright when you were winning.

There are many of us in this country who have bear our burden of so many injustices which we have learned to take it as part of the game. It is a rough game. It is an unfair game. But life is real, and we should protect life and bear the rest.


tikorama said...

There's also some hidden reason... The 9 dash line....

brunei is now keeping quiet about the intrusion...malaysia is heading towards that....

walla said...

If the cities reflect the hum and hubbub of a nation, today and now you can see what happens when a community has decanted home-bound from them. Likewise during Raya. Each community carries the happy burden of helping to build and define a nation. That's what makes us particularly special as one of a few nations which are a multi-verse in a world of geographically located mono-racial species.

Does the Malay in this country realize this incandescent truism over and above everything he has stood for from beginning until now?

If the answer is still no because it has all along been prompted by some deep-rooted fear, then take heed four points and remember them henceforth as a guide that overturns the myths fed too long by those who wear the cloak of monoracial defense only to be disrobed to show personal greed and calumny.

The four points are:

- the Chinese of today and the future are equal and full citizens of this country;

- 70% of them are salaried workers, and mostly in the private sector;

- yet most of the personal income taxes paid every year rechanneled for Malay use
come from them; and

- the Malay in Singapore is wealthier than the Chinese in Malaysia.

As for the old fox's complaint about Chinese investments and residencies, he should answer these:

- can beggars like us with billions blown and organizations out of funds and treasury in debt be choosers of whose funds we should get first? How about the Arabs or even the US?

- what is it that we can make that the China native cannot as a rationale why their money should only be taken for manufacturing FDI?

- if thousands of citizenship papers can be given to itinerant Indons just because they look and speak like our Malays, how has doing so officially and unofficially helped the economy of this nation? By adding to the social aid load that the other citizens have to bear just because they happen to work harder and are minorities?

The world has changed; the ground has moved. Asia has risen. Where be Malaysia in the galaxy of things?

Stoicism is fine but one must still put food on the table for all.

HNY, etheorist.

etheorist said...

HNY, walla.

Yang Kuo said...

If the cities reflect the hum and hubbub of a nation, today and now you can see what happens when a community has decanted home-bound from them. Likewise during Raya.
thanks for sharing...