Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The End of the Year (2011)

The end of the year is nothing but an idea
That time has an end and we should all be looking
Forward to it so that we can have a new beginning
Because the old year has been such a mess
And we hope that things will be different
When we symbolically throw away old things
That new things and new ideas will be better
Just simply because we merely want a change
Even if that change is nothing but the same old thing
As we hold on dearly to our same old habits
And feel comforted in our old familiar surroundings
Only our mind may have become a bit different
Now that we have made new mistakes this past year
And surely we will have become wiser in the new year
By not repeating the old mistakes but creating new ones
And so, the newness of our life is nothing but the same
That somehow has acquired a new beginning
But with the same old ending.
Alas! Accept.