Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year 2012

My apologies for the long absence. Various reasons. Two-month lab. Year-end holidays. Lots of work to catch up, just as everybody is busy trying to stay in the job and in business.

The demise of Whitney Houston is sad.

Would there be nice things for us to think about and discuss in the coming new year. So, should we be trying to add more salt to the rotten stuff.

Until some nice thoughts crop up, I am sorry that that I shall rather be drinking my beer, sipping my coffee, dipping into the books that I have lined up to read and the music database that I have to organise into a decent system.

The euro is going to break. China is struggling to rise again like an injury hero determined to show. US is brain-dead, chiding the Middle East. Japan is an old man. S Korea looks interestingly alive. Indonesia is rediscovering itself. Malaysia tries hard, unbelievably hard. Singapore refuses to succumb.

We'll see how the year will fare.