Monday, August 11, 2014

Extremism & Its Shades

The current fashion in social networking is to attack the extremism of the current Israeli government which is ultra-right in the sense that it is strongly in defense of the existence of the Israeli state and will do everything it can to eliminate its enemies, real or perceived.

The real culprit, in this case, is the current Israeli government. If they change government, then it may be an entirely different kettle of fish - we do not know yet.

The perceived culprits, in so far as the current fashion of the social network is concerned, is now everything that is Israeli or Jewish. This is a very dangerous generalisation - so dangerous that it is, in fact, the biggest plague in the current flash of human civilisation. So now, everything Jewish or Jewish-related is under attack - even companies doing business in Israel.

I do not agree with the editor of a local newspaper who said for once the local extreme racist group has got it right by shouting abuse, burning the Israeli flag and then went home - for they did not do stupid things like some neitizens who abused local workers of a targeted company by the extreme anti-Isreali gang. It is extreme groups with their mentality in holding to their own special need for survival at the expense of others not of their kind that is the root of social troubles which may simply boil over at the right time for violence against fellow human beings not of their kind to take place.

We cannot support extremism of any kind or in any shade.


Joe Black said...

Can Anyone tell us...

How Many Young Malay Boys and Girls are working in McDonalds?

How many Young Malay Boys and Girls work in TESCO?

Don't see any Chinese Boys and Girls working in these establishments..

How Many Young Malay Boys and Girls will be unemployed if both these companies closes down?

Malays are Good at Cutting their noses to Spite their the Name of Religion.

Anonymous said...

Fighting for justice means fighting for everyone! If our brothers are wrong or unjust, we should not support them. Just because our friends are fighting does not mean that we must support them.
When people quarrel, we do not support one side. We must call everyone to stop fighting. Sit down and talk!
Refusing or denying others the right to exist is not the way to solve problems.

James said...

I would believe otherwise. How do you deal with terrorists and organizations that terrorize your population? They have no qualms hiding behind civilians and launching rockets from schools, hospital roof tops and mosques. Nothing is sacrosanct. Hamas choose to fight with guns and no rules, so they must expect the same too.