Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If You Should Vote

If you should vote, please vote as you please
That is your right
Fear not what others think, it's none of their business
It's supposed to be a secret ballot
Others may try to persuade you
But let you not be swayed beyond your conscience
The election is to take tally
What each of us think
And add all up and see what is the balance
It is crude, but it is crucial
Not one yet know the outcome
Some what to maintain the status quo
Others want change
Even if it is 51 to 49
The 51 will win
while the 49 may howl
If you are a party man, you lose
For your right is to change
And keeps everyone on their toes.


walla said...

"The election is to take tally"


james chua said...

Even if it is their business, do they really care for the future of the country, or the future of their pockets? Why should you care to enrich others through corrupt means, while your children and your country will suffer? There is no excuse for self inflicted pain from stupidity or fear when the only thing you should fear is the future for your children.

etheorist said...

Alas, it's not Hobson's Choice for nothing. Or am I still using the phrase wrongly.

james chua said...

There really isnt a choice if you are truly a Malaysian, either we take the risk of bringing change or we remain in the rut of leaders that care no more than lining their pockets and spreading ill will amongst its people. We need true leaders to steer this country, not thieves, hooligans, murderers and bigots of the Barisan Nasional. It is as simple as that.