Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeremy Grantham

I was quietly channel surfing the TV late last Saturday night when I chanced upon Charlie Rose's interview of a man who spoke with such firm resolution that I stopped by and listened for a while and as I listened I almost thought I was listening to myself talking about the state of the US and the world and the nonsense that is going on in policy and probably the only chance you've got to anyone indicting Greenspan for his incompetence and how Bernanke is being misguided. To me, it is indeed refreshing, to know that I have not been alone in these thoughts and that somehow we, as a world, is probably is in a far greater than we would all wish to acknowledge. I admire this gentleman for sticking to his job and slugging it out whilst I have resigned myself to the backwaters. Perchance that some of you might wonder what is my worldview, at least in regards to economics, I urge you to google the name of this gentleman and get acquainted with what he has been saying and is still saying in respect to the current developments in the global markets. I have reduced my focus to a very small area and is now very happy doing the very little that I have to do with this world. I do not think that he is a pessimist and I think he, like me, is only looking for the next turning point. I wish you well if you think that money and wealth can be got by the flickers of the computer - or smart phone.

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