Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Problem of Wealth For The Nation

The problem of wealth for the nation is when the wealth is just a pile of clay which, a thousand years from now, will be just rubble.

It is understandable when an individual craves for physical wealth because that wealth brings about luxury and freedom from unwanted labour. Physical wealth creates a sense of security, a confidence that one does not have to worry about having sufficient comfort for the rest of one's life and that of one's next two generations (as it will be lost in the third).

When everybody is this wealthy in physical assets, who will provide that that uninterrupted and steady future income stream which is so very much yearned by all of us? It is not a mystery when landlords control land in town and demand high rental that poor tenants and workers have to slog for long hours every day of their lives just to pay rent. By the sweat of their brows, they provide that steady stream of income for the property owners.

In a nation of property owners, the poor workers are our unfortunates relatives and foreigners alike who have no access to private property - because their chances to ownership have been taken away from them by that asset inflation very much prized by the rich landlords. With no assets to their names, they can only earn wages by their labour or salaries by whatever little training and qualifications which they may happen to acquire through the formal education system. Do not be alarmed to see workers in small shops whiling away their lives in quiet desperation - for they are victims of the landlords.

Ours used to be a good nation when the greatest aspiration was to own one's own little house, and then devote the whole of one's little savings on a good education for one's children - the point of the education then was that each child can then chart his or her destiny and contribution to society. Now is just private property ownership, asset speculation, sloth and a complete wastage of talents - thanks to that easy money printing press.

We are now stuck in that difficult situation when the real answer to all these problems is how to find an accelerated depreciation of money. The purposeful and systematic disruption of the value of money is a remedial which much be alien to an untrained mind. It is like blood letting - a relief of pressure. Unfortunately, different parts of the system will feel different impacts - and it is always the poorly endowed ones who will have to suffer. At the end of the day, the only way that the system can lift itself up by the bootstrap is to use its own ingenuity to discover the real and present needs of human beings who are then willing to pay for those things by an exchange of their fruits of their own labour.

In a high income society, where everyone have such a high respect for one another that one is compelled to pay the other person as much for services as one would pay for oneself - which therefore means that one will end up having to do everything for oneself - which means that everyone will be equally well trained and competent - which means that one line cuts across the whole of society and everyone is equal and there are no masters and slaves.

Now, about these artificial titles that privileged people bestowed upon each other....

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