Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chinese Politics, Economics & Philosophy

What do you do when your government does not take care of you - nay, even have policies carved in such as a way as to disadvantage you so that you do not have a chance?

You fight for an opportunity for yourself and your children.

You are not talking about fairness. You are talking about an opportunity - an opportunity to earn a living, an opportunity to work very hard, very very hard, even to the extent of having to do two or three people's work in order that you may have a chance to earn a living for yourself, taking only one of the lower or lowest of the two or three parts that you have earned.

It is only by sheer hard work, plus lots and lots of ingenuity can it be possible for a non-Bumiputra to irk out a decent living in Malaysia. By then, of course, the disparity has widened much much farther.

When the single simple opportunity in life that one is looking for just to survive does not even exist, because it is perceived that all the opportunities have been monopolised and that the wealth that has been amassed has been transformed into power of control and domination, you want regime change.

How does the minority cause a regime change of the majority in a democratic way?

By giving all its support to the opposite, the best that can be managed is 77:23.

This is the best that can be done at the moment.

But the message is clear. That the people who are unhappy can say register their dissatisfaction.

So far, the non-Bumiputra has made their stance. Now, among the Bumiputra, unfairness of unjust policies has also been taking place. If the discontent is intense, you can get a swing that can go to 40:60 (assuming half turned).

How do you prevent unfairness? Malaysia, and Sarawak, has gone way past the point of racial disparity. We are now entering the era of class inequality: the poor fighting against the rich, for survival. If the rich has gotten rich through plunder, then there is a limit to that plunder. We are reaching that limit. The whole country is down going into economic descent.

The only way forward is a conducive environment for investment, private investment. This is not the perfect solution, but this is the way that the modern world has learned to bear with. This world of private investment, will create with it the problems of worker welfare. This is the economic disparity. But at least, there is a way out by negotiating for better pay and conditions for workers.

At the moment, the problem is unemployment and rising cost of living. Dishing out cash handouts in "poverty-eradication" programmes is a short-term measure, important to prevent riots and buy time for better programmes to come in. It must be the encouragement of local private investments.

The whole nation should not be held back by one lone racist voice. We should fight racism and get the whole nation back to where it was in 1970, and start all over again. We have lost enough time. It is time to put excellence back into the nation, and take our rightful place in bright Asia.

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walla said...

The real and true fixed deposit of this land are not the paid votes for certain political parties by simple folks in certain places. It is goodwill and pragmatism and the compulsion to adhere to principles in the hearts of the citizens across the land.

Yet we see no small amount of racial infestation in the minds and actions of too many in political power who want to draw the citizens away from the plateau of moderation.

Instead of working to close artificial gulfs, they widen them further using fear and rhetoric. They practice double standards even in their public actions portrayed to remove double standards. It is thus only lip service played to soothe in the beginning before forsaking in the end.

If the Chinese and others can still survive and thrive despite such machinations, those who still think numbers are what that only matter should ask themselves what are the factors for the success.

And if they will but open their eyes to the rest of the world beyond these shores, they will surely find the same race-independent success factors elsewhere.

The sacrifices made by generation after generation cannot be underrated. They have only increased their resolve to triumph over such unjust adversity caused by a handful onto the many over too long a time.

If a group of politicians don't serve the people who have been building the country, they should be booted out. Turn the table on these mischief-makers so that they can get a taste of their own medicine. They bring it onto themselves when in power they could have been leavened by real wisdom and humble leadership. A stint in the back rows may give them a chance to reflect on their arrogance, crimes, deceit and damage. Certainly they shouldn't complain because in their acts of malign neglect, they didn't give millions of innocents any chance at a sense of natural belonging even to their land of birth.

There are cultural strengths in the Chinese and others. These strengths have stood the test of time. They form the pillars of progressive and pragmatic nationhood. Anywhere in this world.

Never lose them. They are all that stand against the tide of this nation's diminution and decay.