Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Concept X: Economic Model

A model is a beautiful thing which is the result of the focusing on a few perceptible attractions and the exclusion of which that which is true but irrelevant for the moment.

What is an economic model?

An economic model is the relationships between a few parameters that are considered to be key.

In a narrow sense, the economic relationships take the form of restricted social justice.

In the broader sense, the economic relationships take a universal perspective to include - not only my own people, our own people, the people of this region or religion - but all people who are friends of this nation and who are willing to work to improve the national climate as a good on earth to live but for a while.

Without this sense of belonging, there will be no confidence and no investment - and this country will end up as a great trading post, now unfortunately in the backwaters of global investments.

It is simply silly for a national policy to be an enemy to a section of its own society, for the policy will become a tumour to the whole national wellbeing.

An economic model should be all-embracing and enlightened. If not, it is just another pair of coloured glasses, nay, blinkers.

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walla said...

The underlying messages of the blogger's post are important and deserve appreciation.

These links are just my usual mucking around...and should not be taken seriously.