Monday, March 16, 2009

Enjoy This Economic Winter

We should all try to enjoy this economic winter
And use this rare opportunity to take a little rest
We have had a lovely long summer
Which could not go on forever

Hardworking people so sad not to work
They have no savings and life they cannot afford
Greedy people so sad over their wealth
They keep and keep but nowhere to hide their loot.

Forget winter, we are in the tropics
Fruit trees grow and the rain does fall
The sun shines even if only behind a cloud
There is now time for family and friends.

1 comment:

de minimis said...

We have some banana and papaya plant in the compound. We also have some 2-month old tilapia that are growing fast. Some of the vegetables are growing quite well.

On special nights in the week, we spend time in nearby "warungs" sipping teh tarik, kopi-O, munch on plain naans with some choice pieces of tandoori chicken or, a hot bowl of laksa.

I guess I'm enjoying the "winter" too :D