Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rescue, Excuse

You who are so new to the job, how come you are so quickly ill-advised about what to do with the economy?!

I hope you have thrown away the same fellows who had advised the Prime Minister previously to raise fuel prices by 41% and got our prices to double across the board - just because you do not want foreigners to enjoy the fuel subsidy. Look at the mess! Great idea, bad timing!

I really hope it is not the same fellows who had just advised you on using a RM5 billion loan from EPF to support shares in the market. You reckoned that the prices of shares that this investment company is going to buy will rise so much that when you sell them again you can make enough to repay EPF the RM5 billion plus interest. If so, you are rising and falling according to your own will, and not the will of the market!

I think the government should stop fiddling with the stock market. It is the easiest route to hell and you are leading the whole economy onto that fiery path.

Remember this: No easy money, no easy money! You fellas got to do some real work, rather than showing us tricks with smoke and mirrors! Worst, if you do not realise that this is happening.

Real work means translating learning into ideas so that the welfare of the ordinary people could be improved - not helping your rich friends not to become poor when they are burnt in the market.

Put a bit of competition into the tenders so that the margins can be reduced, and the work gets done properly.

Better still, let the markets be free so that good people can have the chance to do proper work to contribute to the economy.

We should let the economy sag a bit first to weed out the waste, and not be too keen to rescue, rescue. It's excuse, excuse!

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