Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Medium or Mediocrity

I am fairly neutral on the medium of instruction in schools, for one has to learn in school whatever it may be. Whatever the medium of instruction, it should be taught well by masters.

What I am really cross about is the pervasion of education in schools by mediocre teachers (and headpersons?). It seems that teachers in (some?) schools are the prime examples of stupidity, laziness, and all things which schools are supposed to teach students not to be. This is a grave travesty of decency, and a breach of public trust. If there should be reform in the country, we should start by throwing out the bad teachers.

In the modern world of the internet, children are knowledgeable but probably with an under-developed ability to think objectively for themselves and form their own opinions. Teachers must teach students how to think clearly: how to define an issue clearly, analyse objectively and draw logical conclusions.

If our people can think, we should have more reason than unchecked emotions in public life. We would have well-thought out long-term plans rather than last-minute fire-fighting. We would then have democracy based on well-argued differences rather than bigotry and narrow-mindedness. We would then have entrepreneurship and hard work rather than politicking and corruption.

We should fight against mediocrity, and allow a glimpse of excellence and brilliance and reason and creativity in some corner of society.

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