Friday, July 18, 2008

Truth vs Falsehood

We live in an age of information but no truth!

We are being bombarded with all kinds of information everyday - telling us what to do, what to think. I do not like this.

I wish people would sit down and do some research - find out things for themselves and share what they have discovered with others.

Instead, this is a world of plagarisms and hearsays and hypotheses.

It is so easy to say something and hope that our views will catch fire. We gain fame and popularity and hopefully make some money out of it, and hopefully live a life of luxury as we see in the examples of the successful ones.

By the truth, or rather, the reality of it all is that life is so boring that it can be peaceful.

It is a curse, according to the Chinese, that one should live in interesting times and be sentenced to unhappiness where one's erstwhile inert emotions would be aroused and abused.

I should stop reading the press for a few more days.

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ben said...


I think the sea of information in internet era is very good. It gives us alternative to decipher information in the world instead of just exposing ourselves to the propaganda of the state machinery.

Ya, there is a lot of nonsensical information but learning to think critically is a process. At least it empowers the people to evaluate the information themselves instead of being served what they would want you to know.

A mature society will know how to evaluate Truth vs Falsehood.