Monday, July 28, 2008


I usually try to take a liberal view with regard to many things in life. After all, there are so many ways to live and every individual has the right to live in the best way that he or she sees fit.

I even do try to tolerate incompetence, for who says that only the competent has the right to live. Competence may be an ideal that we all try to achieve throughout our lifetime so that we can do justice to ourselves. With that gift, hopefully we can try to be of service to our family, our friends, our neighbours, our society and our nation - and even the world.

Now, what irks me intensely is when incompetence is proudly paraded as cleverness in public.

I think it is unbecoming for a top policymaker to mouth things like it seems that the economy is "under attack" every 10 years, and such "attacks" to be "coincidental or attempts by unseen hands to sabotage the economy," as if "planned to disrupt the country's efforts to achieve higher growth."

This is the opinion of an incompetent in the field in which he is supposed to be in charge. It is like a medical practitioner who, unable to diagnose the real cause of an illness, assigns it to ghosts and spirits and other invisible forces.

I think such an economic policymaker should just resign. Nobody wants a bomoh for economic policies.


CT Choo said...

Ouch! A timely,caustic and spot-on commentary. Now Malaysia's economy is led by a somnambulist and a bomoh and our monetary policies are managed by a housewife!!! Good one, etheorist.

ben said...

I was stunned that he made that statement. He is supposed to be our economic top-dog! Catch no ball leh!