Sunday, July 6, 2008

Forsaking Market Adjustment

We really should get politicians out of the market place. They are making a terrible mess out of the whole thing.

The market is like the jungle - it is neutral. Ignorance is not an excuse; you pay for it.

The market rewards those who succeed and punishes those who fail.

The saving of the failures during the 1997 market adjustment and the unprepared during this bout of inflation is setting a trend which no government can sustain.

There is a reason for the market to go for selection - so that it can strengthen the core of the economy. Without core strength, the whole market is crumbling and so will be the political system.

We must rebuild our economic foundations.

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CT Choo said...

Agreed. Economic Darwinism is the surest way to maintain an efficient economy. It will also force players to be more lean and mean. A safety net breeds inefficiency.

This is something that all Third World countries have to accept. No sacred cows. No cosy polyarchies. This type of policy will reward efficient economic players who pay heed to proper appreciation of economic indicators and analysis. Those who rely only on technical "know-who" will die a natural death while those with real "know-how" will enjoy the benefits.