Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Essence of Leadership

The essence of leadership is the ability to inspire.

By inspiration means that the very name or the very image or the very concept or the very idea energises in one a desire to act or a desire to do good or an heigthened state of being or even a happy state of well-being.

The inspiration may have come from observation or perception of their past words or past actions, or the words or actions of their parents or ancestors. It is entirely evidenced based, although some may argue that some of the evidence may be judgmental.

This is where many everyday images or symbols or icons help to inspire ordinary men and women to live happily in their quiet humble little ways.

When we think of leadership, we are thinking of something that is good - something on the side of light and not of darkness.


Because ordinary people are good and therefore the world in general is good.

This is why the world is abhor at the very thought of having to endure a leadership that is perceived to be not-good.

That abhorance may not be warranted, if the truth be known, but in a world of imperfect knowledge or understanding, we have to live with the informational handicap - which then is the reality that we have to be content with.

In other words, leadership is something that is intangible but visible from the effects it has on others. By the reaction of the surrounding, we know whether that leadership is inspiring or not inspiring - good or not-good.

Inspiration is something money cannot buy. Stimulation, yes!

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