Monday, April 13, 2009

2Malaysia: People Second, Performance Later


2Malaysia is a slogan that is much more original than the original one because the original one sounds more like 1Utama or 1Borneo - and both are commercial shopping complexes - are we up for sale?

2Malaysia is a slogan that is also much closer to the truth - that there are two Malaysias (2Malaysias?!) - (1) My Malaysia and (2) Your Malaysia.

My Malaysia is my Malaysia and it is mine.

As in - Your Malaysia is your Malaysia and it is not yours.

People Second

Me first.

This motto is that of a selfish person or society.

The big brother bullies the small brother. The big brother joining the big brother to bully the small brothers.

In a recession, the electee of the people and the servant of the people are kings. People are an irritation like mosquitoes around the ankles. We kick and kick, and kick ourselves.

What is there to be gained by being charitable - others first, me second? There is too much of this all around - the boss taking credit for every piece of rubbish you put out, and thinks he's clever. Maybe, he is!

Performance later.

But promises now. Yess, yess, yes, sir!

Talk big, walk and talk, do nothing.

What is the reason for a person to perform now and not tomorrow - because if he does not perform now, he would be dead. Ask the Loan Shark victim. Ask the unemployed. Ask the diabled. But ask a potential pensioner who can never be sacked!

"Performance now" is something you tell others now.

"Performance later" is something you do yourself.