Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maintaining Confidence

How does one maintain confidence in the face of disaster?

If there is a tsunami, or a massive outback bush fire, or a financial meltdown or an incapacitation of the economy or a massive heart attack, the correct posture should not be one of as if it is not a serious matter.

The correct posture should be to find out exactly what is wrong - to get as much data and information as possible, analyse them and then try to come up with a logical conclusion and a course of action.

Not only should more data and information be analysed out for the authorities, but those data and information should be made public so that public has an idea of the situation and respond accordingly in their own way.

I wonder whether what happened to Pompeii was because of the policy on managing confidence so that the public did not panic and lived as if today would be like yesterday.

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