Monday, February 2, 2009

Billboards & The Art Of Self-Deception

Certain countries have a tendency to elect political leaders who seem to suffer from bouts of insecurity as if they fear the ordinary people have forgotten what they look like.

As a result, these leaders put up billboards - at the expense of the taxpayers - to remind them how important they have become and hence worthy of veneration.

It is, therefore, an embarassment for many of us to have to put up with the false smiles of these little individuals beaming down from the billboards, normally hiding behind their immediate bosses - who apparent are quite agreeable to such nonsense.

These political leaders have forgotten that the game is not about them - but it is about the jobs they have been entrusted to do.

As a consolation, it is good that we do not get many statues. But we do have lots and lots of photographs, though.

Maybe, we should be a bit more forgiving - afterall, don't billboards peddle junk, anyway?

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