Tuesday, December 20, 2016


A man shot dead the Russian Ambassador to Turkey today in Ankara.

There have been many killings around the world everyday, in big cities and small towns, among friends and among families, between people who do not see eye to eye with each other and do not want to, between people who have a misunderstanding because they have different upbringing and experiences.

But this particular killing is the result of anger over political actions in Syria by local and foreign forces which has resulted in the ruins of towns and homes, and the death of many people with those alive fleeing for their lives.

Will this one killing of an official avenge for all those killings of many ordinary people, and the matter ends? Will it stop further killings? Or will a proud nation demonstrate to the world its superiority and take matters to a level that prompts other equally proud nations to a show of force?

We can only tremble at the prospects.


walla said...

This was less about Russia aiding Damascus than about political enmity between two branches of a religion spilling into conflict at Aleppo so it will not be another archduke event; unfortunate for the ambassador, the assassin felt otherwise.

As Isis wanes, a new salafi jihadist movement will rise which will encumber Europe in a siege syndrome. Such a movement will again be motivated by craving, anger and delusion sold by religious indoctrination on impressionable young minds displaced from progressive societies to justify asymmetric reaction against a sense of injustice already encoded in human behavior as surmised by evolutionary psychology.

But because the targets will be mainstream preponderants, it will just be a waste of human protoplasm in the end. The progressive world will move on because it has studied and understood enough the self-destructive limitations of such movements to realize politics must be removed from religion just as religion must be distanced from politics.

However there are other places on this planet where the evolution is still in the backwaters of blinkered ignorance upheld as faith free from rational question. Unless they choose to be blind, they should see for themselves what has invariably resulted from such ignorance.

venusdemilod said...

This is just one of the things you know. Turkey is getting worse...