Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Great Haze Has Descended

A great haze has descended upon the whole country
At first a sprinkle of dust here, a dose of fudge there
But slowly the fog grows thick obscuring the reality
We cannot see far, the smell of the ashes hangs in the air.

They say it was due to a few hot spots not here but over there
A normal phenomenon in this part of the world, this time of the year
They say we must bear while they try to do something and persuade
Not that they know what to do and we know we must wait and wait.

But this is not a spot of fire in a small little place in an isolated incident
This is a great big fire of an open matter lit under an entire nation
The heat is getting stronger and stronger and we cannot bear any more
We give out a cry, a jolly big cry, they smile and give us back terrifying roar.

A great haze has descended upon the whole country
We cannot see the future clear but we can smell the aweful fear
Let there be more smoke and haze until we cannot gather
We may have no future but at least let us be alive together.

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