Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six National Key Result Areas

The government announces 6 National Key Result Areas:

KRA1: Reduction of Crime Rate
>KPI1.1: Reduce Street Crime by 20% by 2010

KRA2: Combat Corruption

KRA3: Widening Access to Affordable and Quality Education

KRA4: Raising the Living Standard of the Poor

KRA5: Improving the Infrastructure in Rural Areas
>KPI5.1: Add 1,500 km roads in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012
>KPI5.2: Not more than 5km of walking to tar roads in Peninsular by 2012
>KPI5.3: Clean water supply to 90% of Sabah and Sarawak by 2012
>KPI5.4: Electricity cover of 95% in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012
>KPI5.5: 24-hour electricity supply to 7,000 orang asli families in Peninsular by 2012

KRA6: Improving Public Transport in the Medium Term
>KPI6.1: Increase the number of public transport users from 16% to 25% by 2012
>KPI6.2: Add 35 sets of four-car trains on Kelana Jaya LRT by 2012

These KRAs are important for providing the basic rudiments of a modern life to all Malaysians.

I suppose we shall now have to wait for the New Economic Model to bring the whole economy to greater heights.


Anonymous said...

Hari ini 31 Julai PM lancar ASM1 10 billion unit dan nak bagi peruntukkan Bumiputra untuk melanggan 50 % ?
Dan akan di jual Kpd semua kaum jika quota Bumiputra tidak tidak di ambil.
Sama cerita dengan 1.6 billion Quota bumiputra yang telah di jual.
Kali ini bagi peluang lah kapd ajensi Bumiputra beli sebagai "pemegang amanah" "on behalf""as trustee".
Satu panggilan talipon saje ..
changkat lobak.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

Kalu dan Jika mahu practice management by objectives::
KPI's and KRA's must be accompanied with Objectives.
1.Reduce Foreign legal and illegal workers and illegal immigrants from 3.2 million (plus floating from Indonesia and China) to zero .
2.Reduce number of single foreign women entering the country by 30 day one time entry social visas.
3.Increase the medical charges rates(RM1.00) for foreigners using goverments clinik and hospitals to 30RM.Cease providing free maternerty support services to foreign pregnant women(mostly Indonesian)
4.Increase pump prices (and reduce subsidy) for petrol sales to foreign registered vehicles in the northen states and Johore.
5.Increase the number of immigration dept computers to keep track of overstayers.(PRC Indon Bangladesh and Nigerian)
6.Limit the quota of second home applicants.
7.Increase rice production acreage with opening of state owned farms as part of food security.
8.Increses navy and police patrols at marine fishing ground to bring fish piracy by foreign fisheremen to zero.
9.Increase food security by implementing food warehouses.
10.Iplement regsitartion of foreigners rented residential addresses.
11.Increase and charge school fees to Malaysiam born children of foreign parents,(some schools in selangor KL have 50% enrollement of foreign(indonesian)children in their classes.
12.Cease providing free textbooks to malaysian born children of foreign parents.
13.Deport immediately all those foreigners in detention camp,(save tax money and convert school building to PLKN or techical vocational wrkeshops.
kindly allow further comments of Govt efficiency of taxes paid.
After all 1.3 million govt servants cost 40 billion RM annually,therefore Malaysia1 must be for Malaysian interests.
Mah Ngah Tong.