Friday, May 22, 2009

Concept V: Time & Money

Time & Money are related through the concept of the interest rate (which runs on time) and the accumulation of assets (which is circumscribed by time).

The existence of time as moments which are different from each other gives rise to the idea of uncertainty which can only be removed by a standby facility - for whatever may be thought wanting and creates incovenience and even hardship.

It is therefore interesting to observe individuals and societies - and see what they tend to accumulate.

The most modern individual and society accumulate physical and financial assets whose values are determined by the preference of the society in which they live in.

Some treasure a harmonious way of life - within the society they live in or the natural environment they found themselves in.

Others - friendship, merits, goodwill.

In these other worlds, profit and the rate of interest do not make sense.

There is only the sense of self-cultivation and self-actualisation.

In the modern world, time exacts a rate of interest or a rate of return which people must strive to achieve - and this rate of return is encouraged and managed by the monetary authorities - who quietly feed the people in the system what they want.

The spin in urban society is balanced by the production of food in the rural areas - through the rise and fall of the price of food - reflecting the ability of the urban poor to subsist.

As the distribution of income and wealth becomes more skewed, the people in the rural areas become poorer.

The fight for time and money will be less intense when the distribution of income and wealth is less lopsided.

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